Commercial Contracts 
& Commercial Litigation

Negotiating, editing and litigating with regard to agency agreements, general terms and conditions, distribution, franchise, rent, purchase, assignment, product liability and insurance.

Our contract law specialists can advise you and guide you in the negotiation of all forms of commercial contracts and – if necessary – litigate at the cutting edge on the content and the execution thereof.

Commercial Contracts

Good contracts can determine the success of your business. Thanks to our experience, clear language and entrepreneurial spirit, we are able to provide you with conclusive advice and thus contribute to your success. We do this for both national and international companies that are active in various sectors. In addition to drafting contracts, we advise on contractual liability, consequences of shortcomings and termination of contracts. We operate both ‘in the foreground’ and ‘in the background’.

Commercial Litigation

We assist our clients in civil proceedings, arbitrations and alternative forms of dispute resolution if it appears impossible to reach an amicable settlement. For this we can build on our many years of experience in litigation in cases involving professional liability, contractual disputes, insolvency and seizure and execution cases. We will do our utmost to represent your interests in the best possible way and we will do this thoroughly and adequately.

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