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You can count on us for issues concerning the complex and moving regulatory environment surrounding ESG. We provide legal advice and are happy to be a sparring partner. This may concern ESG but also sustainability objectives and sustainability projects, such as wind, bio, solar and heat projects. Examples on which questions can be asked are the Responsible and Sustainable International Business Act and the Green Deal Sustainable Care.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex legal landscapes associated with ESG (Enivironmental, Social and Governance) issues. New laws and regulations, technological advances and changing societal norms constantly create new ESG challenges and opportunities. Companies must constantly adapt and innovate to meet these demands. This requires flexibility, proactive policies and continuous monitoring of ESG risks and opportunities. At Van Poppel Croonen Advocaten, we understand the dynamics of ESG and are ready to guide our clients through this constantly changing area of law.

We can advise and guide companies in implementing environmentally friendly practices and sustainability initiatives. This includes providing legal advice on environmental compliance, drafting environmental policies and guiding sustainability projects. As a legal advisor and sparring partner, you can count on us, in facing the challenges posed by the energy transition but also in translating sustainability goals into “normal” business operations. Our commitment goes beyond legal advice; we strive to understand and support your goals in achieving a sustainable and responsible future. By leveraging our expertise, we can help companies operate environmentally consciously and create a positive impact on the environment.

We can provide you with sound legal advice on a wide range of ESG-related issues. Within ESG, our expertise includes labor law issues, such as employee rights, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and fair trade practices.

Our attorneys can help you create policies and procedures to meet the highest standards of social responsibility. In addition, we offer guidance on the development and implementation of governance structures that take ESG factors into account. We advise on regulatory compliance and assist in drafting responsible corporate governance policies and procedures.

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