Mergers & Acquisitions

There are various legal entities available for (international) business partnerships (such as a (joint) private limited company, limited liability company, general partnership and partnership, association, foundation, cooperative and limited partnership, but distribution, agency, franchise, etc.). In addition, we also advise and proceed in corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions of all kinds, problems with shares/buybacks, shareholder and bank (re)financing, MBO/MBI, venture capital, corporate governance and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm is specialised in assisting and advising on (complex) mergers, acquisitions and business successions. The interests are considerable and it is important that both lawyer and client are able to quickly interact with each other. We assist both buyer and seller from start to finish i.e. from Letter of Intent to Sales Purchase Agreement. In order to avoid surprises afterwards, we can also carry out a Due Diligence investigation. Our firm combines the knowledge and experience of lawyers and tax advisors for a broad mergers and acquisitions practice, on behalf of sellers, investors, management and regulators, among others.

Throughout the entire process you can count on reliable advice in which we help you to make the right considerations and decisions. Our firm takes the lead, draws up a strategy and ensures thorough preparation with an eye for your interests and in the interests of your company. Van Poppel Croonen Advocaten is also the right firm for the tax aspects of a merger or acquisition.

We have, among other things, a broad and practical experience with:

– Mergers, acquisitions and business successions

– M&A transactions such as joint ventures, liabilities/assets transactions, employee shareholdings, management buy-ins or management buy-outs (MOB/MBI), asset deals and associates

– Due Diligence Research

– Drafting of Sale Purchase Agreements and other agreements in this context

– Private equity and venture capital

– Preparation of declarations of confidentiality (NDA), declarations of intent (LOI), memorandum of understanding (MoU)

– Winding-up and transfer of partnerships and general partnerships

– Finance

– Controlled auctions

– Drafting of warranties, indemnities and disclosures

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