Guusje Pannekoek

student intern April - May 2018

In the third year of my bachelor of law I dit an internship during April and March at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk. During my internship I was mostly doing literature and case law research and preparing legal pieces.

To my pleasure, from day one I got fun, serious and educational assignments with subjects which some times I knew things about, and some times I did not. Because of this I had the variety of deepening in a familiar piece or I could expand my knowledge in different jurisdictions. If I ever had any questions or I needed someone to change my mind I could go to anyone at the office. Everyone was helful and took their time to give me an explanation. Besides that, I also got a lot of feedback on my work, this made me learn a lot.

I can recommend an internship at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk to every law student. Thanks to all the space and accompaniment there are a lot of opportunities to learn. Apart from that, I now have a good view of how the legal profession works in real life. The legal profession is about much more than only applying the law. Concluding, this time was not only educational, it was also a very fun experience!

Guusje Pannekoek