Jaloe van Walsem

student intern January - March 2019

In the last year of my bachelor of law I did an internship during January, Febuary, and March at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk. During my time here I learnt a lot about the legal field and at the same time I had a lot of fun.

The ambiance at the office is very pleasant. Everyone works together and the door is always open. Whenever I had a question, everyone took their time to explain it to me in a calm and clear way. This way complicated legal questions became more clear, I was able to learn a lot this way.

During the entire internship it was taken into account which jurisdictions had my interest, this way I was able to do things that I truly found interesting. My tasks varied from investigating case law and literature, to composing a concept version of a license agreement. I was even allowed to join a consultation with a client, because of this I developed a good idea of the practical side of the legal profession.

All together I have developed myself a lot the pas months, thanks to Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk. I have experienced my time here as varied, challenging and fun. I would recommend every law student that wants to intern somewhere to do it at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk.