Elias Tahri

student intern January - March 2018

As a Tax Law Masterstudent I did an internship of 8 weeks at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk. My main activities were supporting the tax practice, at which I was busy with a lot of different issues within taxation. Among other things I helped draft objections, advisory documents and I regularly did some case law research. Besides that I also drafted a Legal Update.

Hereby I worked with Jasper van Nes on a daily basis, and I liked that. As an intern I was guided very well and I could always ask him any questions. Also, faculties, like books, were available a lot. The collaboration with other colleagues also went very pleasantly. Everyone would answer your question whenever it was needed and they involved me in their cases as well.

Besides the fact that I have learnt a lot at Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk, I have also had a very fun time. The ambiance at the office is nice and everyone is very relaxed. This ambiance makes the office the perfect learning environment. I can recommend Van Poppel Croonen Van Dijk to every law student that is looking for a fun and educational internship.

Elias Tahri