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Data processing, (open source software) licenses, cloud solutions, IT contracts, privacy, smart contracts technology, copyright, brand and trade name law.

We have reliable expertise in the field of data processing, (open source software) licenses, cloud solutions, blockchain technology, Web3, IT contracts (such as SaaS agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLA)), privacy (General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)), smart contract technology and General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), copyright, trademark and trade name law.

AFM and DNB are also increasingly expressing their views on FinTech solutions and technologies, and payment service providers (for example, Payment Service Directive (PSD)), but also on RegTech companies (MonitorTech, ReportTec, DataExchangeTech, LegalTech and ComplyTech).

The Personal Data Protection Act was replaced on 25 May 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). From that moment on, the same privacy legislation applies throughout Europe, which brings about a strong expansion of the privacy rights of those involved, while companies and governments are given more obligations. In addition, privacy regulators are given more powers to take action against violators of the rules, including the imposition of fines.

Processing of personal data is only allowed in accordance with the provisions of the AVG. Privacy has a continuous influence on business operations, among other things due to mandatory:

  • processor agreement
  • protocol for reporting data breaches
  • privacy policy
  • cookie statement
  • etc.

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